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A one day seminar revealing the Way of Champion Achievers!

The Fundamentals For Success seminar teaches you the key secrets that make the difference between successful, happy, driven and fulfilled people; and those who live average lives. When you start applying these techniques to your own life you’ll begin to see fantastic positive changes in your personal and professional life. Based on Neuro Linguistic Programming (the “Science of Success”) and the latest cutting edge Self-Actualisation psychology that gives us Neuro Semantics, this training has its roots in purely positive psychology and is essential for individuals and work teams.


You’ll learn:  

  • 5 Key ways of thinking that form the foundational mindset for success in all you do
  • The secret “Strategy of Success”
  • How to set outcomes that are both achievable yet life transforming
  • The differences between States & Goals and learn why one without the other is a recipe for failure
  • How to create instant rapport for meaningful relationships in any context
  • How to identify each persons unique language structures and how to utilise this for influence, persuasion and positive interpersonal relationships
  • How to take control of your own brain – Techniques for running your own mind to give you greater effectiveness in all you do

 “This course has been very useful and has given me some great insights into people management and reading. I feel more confident in understanding others. Very helpful with clients, staff, etc”
Tracy Stevenson - Small business owner


All Trainings can be run in-house by special arrangement. Contact me for details.
For dates of these trainings contact Alan Fayter on 03 942 2103 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it