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Learn the Secrets of Influence & Persuasion!

Amazing People Reading is a course designed specifically for anyone who deals with people on a daily basis. Absolutely essential for managers, company directors, HR personnel, coaches, teachers and security officers

By learning Key Skills such as;

  • Body Language
  • Facial Expression
  • Rapport
  • Pacing & Leading
  • Language Distinctions
  • Unconscious Behaviours
  • And many more Key Secrets


You will be able to;

  • Know what’s going on in people’s minds just by watching them!
  • Tell when people are hiding their true feelings!
  • Influence & persuade others to your own way of thinking!
  • Recognise the Unconscious Responses that tell you what a person likes/dislikes - even if they’re lying!
  • Create a sense of connection with almost anyone – instantly!
  • Learn Unconscious signals to give off to others to get people to like and respect you!
  • Create states of excitement & desire in others?

“It was an insightful & fun course to participate in. Alan quickly relaxed everyone and presented the topic in an informative yet light-hearted manner. Can’t wait to get practicing!”
Kiely Buttell – Executive Manager


All Trainings can be run in-house by special arrangement. Contact me for details.
For dates of these trainings contact Alan Fayter on 03 942 2103 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it