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“Action may not bring Happiness but there is no Happiness without Action” -William James-


“Even if you are on the Right Track you’ll get run over if you just sit there” -Will Rogers-


 "Alan Fayter is a highly informed and conscientious trainer and coach who will start and finish with your best Outcome in mind. He has the exquisite skills to support you in the process of making a transformational change in your personal life and/or in your business. I highly recommend him”.
L. Michael Hall, Ph.D."




"Accessing Personal Genius" 

Leading Edge Skills of Self Leadership

  • Achieving the 'Flow' State for enhanced personal effectiveness. This training came from Dr L Michael Hall’s many years in studying resilience – the power to bounce back after major setbacks

    What is Self Leadership?

    Whether leading others or just looking to take control of your own destiny, Self Leadership is an essential component in creating your desired future. Everything we create, we create twice, first in our mind and then physically. The thoughts we entertain are creating our future every moment of every day through what we say and do. Controlling these thoughts by accessing resourceful ‘states of mind’ is the first key to self mastery. Mastery of anything starts with mastery of self.


    What are the course outcomes?

    Accessing Personal Genius will introduce you to the highly acclaimed Meta-States Model from Neuro-Semantics (NS). NS is the latest and most practical development in the field of Self-Actualisation psychology. As such, this training will provide you with pre-requisite states of mind and emotion for personal mastery. These include:


    -       The ability to powerfully focus all of your attention and energy

    -       The ability to step in and out of that state at will

    -       A sense of being in control of your mind, emotions and body

    -       A strong sense of self acceptance and appreciation

    -       The ego-strength to face challenges and even relish in them

    -       Resilience to take life’s ups and downs and bounce back

    -       The efficiency to take effective action on what you know


    Are you ready to Unlock Your Potential and to move

    to a Higher Level of Excellence?


    Who is this training for?

    People who want to create a sense of personal mastery, be more resilient and create a purposeful sense of focus and engagement

  • - Business owners and entrepreneurs
  • - Athletes and sports teams
  • - Business owners and executives
  • - HR professionals and team leaders
  • - Coaches and trainers
  • - Anyone wanting personal strength and effectiveness


  • Personal experience: “When I first experienced Accessing Personal Genius it made all of the ‘theory’ of personal and professional growth come to life. I revamped my life, started my own business and started living my dream”





Your pathway to personal mastery begins with learning how to Run Your Own Brain using Neuro-Semantics and Meta-States. At the completion of this course you will be issued with a certificate from the International Society of Neuro-Semantics (ISNS). Self Leadership is the first step towards certification in Meta-Coaching (www.meta-coaching.org) and NS Practitioner and Master Practitioner (www.neurosemantics.com).


  • At the completion of the 3 days you will be able to manage your states and get yourself to do what you want to do. Learn how to direct your attentions so they will serve your highest intentions. Step into states of unconditional self esteem and eliminate internal conflicts and excuses.


    Imagine now having these abilities. How will this help you at work, at home? How will your state management benefit those you work with, live with?


    "This knowledge is fundamental to a high level of human existence. Not optional, not an accessory, not an extra curricular activity but the foundation of ones education – 101 ‘Human Instruction Manual’"
    CB – Tekapo


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