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Hi Alan,
WHAT CAN I SAY.... the work you do is just AMAZING!!

So to those reading this testimonial just be prepared to be AMAZED!!

How simple can it be? how painless can it be?... BELIEVE IT!.. it is this and more... why put yourself thro anymore emotional and mental 'pain' when you can do what my daughter did... went and saw Alan; this gifted man who after just one hour was able to help my daughter get her 'life back'. As traumatic as it was to be abducted and raped.. this was just the beginning of her 'nightmare' ... living with this trauma for the past 18 months, had effected her whole life... to see the 'light & soul' just snuffed out to become just a fraction of her normal happy self...

Then just after ONE HOUR with Alan, the transformation occurred... she blossomed and reawakened to become her 'old self'...
THANK YOU SOOO VERY MUCH ALAN for helping her to find herself again... just think some people walk around through life with these traumas being 'stuck' for their entire life... how sad and what a waste. I now look at my daughter and see that she now has her 'life back'.....AMAZING!


Name withheld for privacy

Thanks so much Alan, for the first time in three years I’m able to eat with my family without panicking. I’m so looking forward to Christmas dinner this year!
M.S Cork City, Ireland

I would like to say thank you for giving me the tools to stop smoking. It was a wonderful feeling to have control back, as a Branch Manager it is important that what I say and do are the same. I have tried everything from patches to position so knew the key was locked up in my head. Thanks again Alan and I look forward to doing some more work with you. I would totally recommend you to anyone
Craig Knowles, Blenheim

Dear Alan
I came to you a few weeks ago for a couple of NLP sessions. Just want to thank you very much. Not sure how it helped, but it certainly renewed my belief in taking a risk and believing it would happen.
Leanne P Christchurch

I came to see you for a stop smoking session last week, I haven’t smoked since and it’s been really easy! I'm feeling much more positive, I am surprised how well it’s working! Everything is going really well, thanks!
Sally C – Christchurch

Hi Alan,
I would like to thank you for the session I had with you out at Kaiapoi, I am enjoying the results and still can't quite believe the sense of freedom I feel from some very traumatising events, memories and feelings . The next few days after the session I became aware of my self "searching" for the bad feelings and sadness everyday when I woke as a sort of reference of sorts for who I was and when I realized they were no longer there I had the most amazing sense of release and relief that I was no longer defined by all of that. I find it difficult to understand I did that to myself everyday .......WHAT WAS I THINKING!
Name withheld for privacy – Christchurch