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Executive Development and Leadership – As a Leader, the buck stops with you. And you often have no external objective feedback or unbiased support. Coaching gives you the opportunity of releasing your own creative problem solving skills as well as generating new ideas for growth and efficiency. If you’re a leader, contact me now to see how executive coaching can increase your grip on company success.


  • Lifestyle and Personal Development – Do you believe in ‘work-life balance’? Do you want it? Well, the truth is that if you chase the elusive ‘work-life balance’ you’ll never be happy! Check out the article "The False Dream of Work-Life Balance' in the articles section and I’ll give you the real secret! If you feel there is more to life than you’re currently getting contact me now to see how personal development coaching can uncover your life’s purpose and align your inner potentials.


  • Health – My focus in health coaching is not just on helping you past hurts and problems and ‘back to normal’, but on creating a more empowered ‘you’ so that you deal with future upsets in a way that they don’t become a problem at all! As an experienced health coach and doctor of clinical hypnosis, I can help you speedily resolve issues so you can get on with a more passionate and productive lifestyle. If something is holding you back from reaching your true potential contact me now and get rid of that ball and chain.


All coaching programmes are available face-to-face or via Skype +64 03 942 2103




What is Meta-Coaching?


Before defining Meta-Coaching, perhaps it’s best to define what ‘coaching’ is and what it isn’t. Coaching is not consulting, nor training, mentoring or therapy. These fields can often have some overlap with coaching (as in the diagram) and if the coach has at least some experience of these areas it can give the coach some awareness and competency in these areas should the need arise in the coaching relationship. Coaching is a facilitation process that takes psychologically healthy people from where they are to where they want to be. Most coaching models focus only on ‘primary state change’. By this we refer simply to things such as remedial goal setting and external performance outcomes; coaching the client from A to B by breaking down the steps, motivating, supporting, inspiring and challenging them along the way.



Meta-Coaching is “coaching beyond performance”; it is all of the above and more! It takes the whole process to a higher level; it’s coaching to meaning and performance. It allows us to get inside of the clients experience and tease out their internal thinking and processing systems, their feelings, attitudes, understandings and highest intentions. We find the client’s inner structure of Meaning & Intention and allow them to make changes at the highest level – and release passion for life! In releasing the client’s passion, external performance becomes easy and outcomes follow naturally.

In Meta-Coaching we have a unique synthesise of cutting edge Neuro Semantic & NLP models that allow psychologically well individuals to excel in life, love, career and health.


  • Creates new self-organising structures of mind that enable you to perform your highest and best meanings

  • Grooms managers to leadership; and leaders to a higher level of excellence

  • Closes the gap between not just where you are and where you want to be, but what you are and what you want to be

  • Re-focuses the mind to more creative and innovative outcomes

  • Brings meaning to what you do so you can achieve - and actually live - the life you want by releasing the potentials within


Meta-Coaching is the highest evolutionary state of two disciplines: Cognitive Behavioural Science and Master Coaching. Meta-Coaching therefore, has both academic/intellectual integrity, and practical coaching and business applications.

As a system within the field of Neuro Semantics & NLP, Accredited Meta-Coaches are bound by the code of ethics of the International Society of Neuro Semantics, a global community of highly trained and skilled practitioners. There are currently over 1000 Meta-Coaches worldwide in 38 different countries, all of them actively helping major corporations, top athletes, highly motivated entrepreneurs and driven individuals achieve amazing success.

For more information on how to take your life, career, relationships and personal efficacy to the next level, contact Alan Fayter on 03 942 2103 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it











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