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Executive coaching empowers a manager or executive for taking his or her skills to the next level. Take a ‘step back’ from the pressures and stresses of business and enable yourself to regain perspective and renew your vision and direction as a leader.

Executive coaching works as a ‘leverage dialogue’ that gets to the heart of things to give you more power as a decision maker. A fiercely focussed conversation that gives more choice and control to the decision maker by addressing meaning-making framing, handling people, relationships and distinguishing responsibility to and for.

We also check the work / life balance to ensure ecological growth that will not have a negative impact on your family and social life.

When is Executive Coaching Needed?

  • Competency Development – When a business wants to retain talent and prevent people from being promoted to levels of incompetence

  • Personnel Development – When people are not living up to or experiencing their own personal mastery in what they do

  • Rejuvenating business – When the quality of life or performance lags and needs a fresh rejuvenation of purpose and mission

  • Grooming – When a person is being groomed by leadership for a promotion

  • Hiring new people – When key people are appointed to new roles or hired externally and need to get up to speed as quickly as possible

  • Change – When an organisation is changing whether through downsizing, restructuring, merging, or due to changes in the market


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