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Neuro Semantics is the latest field of development to grow, in part, out of NLP. In the mid 1990’s Dr L. Michael Hall PhD and Dr. Bob Bodenhamer, both NLP Trainers, founded the International Society of Neuro-Semantics. Hall and Bodenhamer took the already powerful tools of NLP and greatly added to and expanded the model to create Neuro- Semantics.

NLP is just one model that came out of the Human Potential Movement. For many years Dr. Hall has been researching and developing this field. By going back to the source of the Human Potential Movement and its foundational underpinnings; from Abraham Maslow's Self Actualisation psychology, Alfred Korzybski's General Semantics, the work of anthropologist Gregory Bateson as well as modern cognitive behavioural psychology, developmental psychology, cybernetics, systems theory and more; NS is truely a the forefront of the modern Human Potential Movement.


Semantics – Meaning

Semantics refers to our higher and more abstract brain functions. Beyond language and expression we have Meaning. The Meanings our brains assign to the input from the world are the most powerful drivers of behaviour. In short, NLP is the expression of our NS

Semantics refers to all of the meanings you create as a meaning-maker. What are your meanings about yourself, others, life, your career, health, wealth, relationships, etc.? Are they significant and robust? Are they exciting and enlivening? What meanings are you seeking to actualise in life? What meanings have you actualised? How well do the meanings that you are living serve you? How ecological are they?


Neurology(neuro) - Meaning

Neurology(neuro) refers to your body, physiology, and states. It is in and through your neurology that you feel, experience, and perform your meanings. What do you perform? What semantic reactions do you experience emotionally and as your skills? Do they reflect your best ideas and meanings? Or is there a big gap between what you know and what you do? Neuro-Semantics focuses on closing the Knowing-Doing gap.

Neuro-Semantics focuses centrally on the skills and processes for unleashing your potentials by mobilizing your best resources. If you are interested in becoming more resourceful, running your own brain, taking charge of your own life, and actualising all of your highest latent potentials, the models and patterns of Neuro-Semantics and NLP are designed as tools and processes to achieve just that.


Models for understanding the nature of our bodies, minds and emotions

Patterns for developing greater competence, self-confidence, resourcefulness, and success in careers, health and fitness, and relationships

Skills for training, coaching, and consulting for living more mindfully and intentionally in adapting to an ever-changing world

Self-actualisation of your best values and visions as you create the richest and most robust meanings for a truly meaningful life


Neuro-Semantics (NS) is the study and performance of Meaning. We live our lives by the meanings we assign to the world and our experiences. NS deals with concepts (ideas that that have no visual, auditory or external kinaesthetic components); higher level abstractions such as permissions, choices, decisions, etc – the components that make up beliefs, values, etc. Broadly speaking we have three levels of “mapping” through which we make sense of the world:

First, there is neurological mapping. By this we are referring to how our body connects with and receives information from the world. So light waves come through our eyes and are picked up by the optic nerves and sent as an electrical signal to the brain; nerve endings in our skin receive information about temperature, pressure and so on and send his as electrical information to the brain; sound waves enter our ears and cause the eardrums to vibrate which is picked up by tiny hair-like structures deep within the structure of the ears which are translated into electrical signals that are then transmitted to the brain; and so on. This is primary level mapping.

Second is our Neuro-Linguistic mapping and this is where our understanding of NLP resides. The brain interprets the nerve signals from the body and -through a number of filters such as past experience; etc- creates an “internal map” or “mental movie” of sounds, pictures, feelings, smells and tastes. Neuro-Linguistic mapping allows us to “make sense” of the world and it is via this map that we live.

Finally at a Neuro-Semantic level we have thoughts-and-feelings about our mental movie; and then we have thoughts-and-feelings about those thoughts-and-feelings; and thoughts-and-feelings about those thoughts-and-feelings... ad infinitum! It is at this/these levels that we create Meaning – the most powerful driver of our behaviour.

Neuro-Semantics recognises the holistic and reflective/reflexive nature of this entire neuro-logical, neuro-linguistic and neuro-semantic structure of subjective and objective reality and allows us to track these constantly moving, changing and recursive levels. If our behaviours in the world are expressions of our Neuro-Linguistics; then our Neuro-Linguistics are expressions of our Neuro-Semantics – our Meanings.

NS recognises that these levels are inseparable and part of the whole experience that we refer to as “Life”. By integrating both Meaning and Performance, NS allows us to live to our highest potentials.


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