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As a model of effective communication Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) was developed in the 1970s by Richard Bandler and John Grinder though its roots go back through history and the greats of Positive Psychology.

NLP comprises powerful techniques of professional and personal transformation. A constantly evolving practical psychology, NLP is renowned as the study of Excellence, a blueprint for improving communication and eliminating negative behaviours.

Neuro – the Brain & Nervous System

Your brain is an incredible organ. Weighing only 3% of our total body weight, it uses around 20% of our body’s energy. Including the limbic system, and closely connected to all other systems of the body such as the immune system it is the key to health, happiness, energy and performance.

It used to be said that we only use 10% of our brains capability, but more recent research suggests that we may actually use as little as 3% to 5%!

NLP studies the secrets of how our brains work and can help to unlock the vast 95% to 97% potential of this most powerful ‘Super Computer’.

And it doesn’t end there! Our nervous system as a whole is connected to every cell of your body. Realising this allows us with NLP to make not only powerful psychological changes but physical ones too.

Linguistic – Language & Communication

Language and communication are much more involved than you may think. When we are face to face with another person only 7% of our emotional message is communicated via the words we use; 38% is via the sound of our voice – pitch, intonation etc; and a staggering 55% of emotional communication comes from subtle (and sometimes not so subtle!) body language. It’s not surprising that more misunderstandings can occur over the telephone, and even more so with e-mail. However it was the development of complex language that separated humans from all other species and resulted in humans becoming the most advanced species on the planet. The words we use have many levels of meaning and are immensely powerful in their cognitive effect.

NLP studies every aspect of communication both verbal and non-verbal to help us create clarity and precision in our interactions, not just with others but with ourselves also… How well do you communicate with the Inner You? Do you take notice of the messages from your unconscious mind? The greater our understanding of ourselves, the greater our understanding of the world and people around us.

Programming – Learning & Growing

The How! How to program our personal 'Biological Super Computer' (our neurology) to achieve peak performance. NLP copies (models) the mental processes (strategies) of the top performers in every field, be it business, health, sport, relationships, etc., and teaches us how to apply these mental models of Excellence so that we too can achieve similar results in our own lives.

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