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Feel free to browse this site but for the latest info visit my new website www.optimum-mind.com




"Whatever you think you are, you are always more than that?  

(John Overdurf)


Optimum Mind is a leading provider of the following coaching and training services:   

Executive & Business Development 

  •   * Conflict resolution
  •   * Positive communication 
  •   * Persuasion and influence
  •   * Stress management
  •   * Executive and Management coaching
  •   * Integrative life coaching for professionals
  •   * Leadership development
  •   * Resilience building
  •   * Key note speaking

Personal Effectiveness Life & Health Development

  •   * Smoking cessation
  •   * Weight loss and healthy eating 
  •   * Anxiety, phobias and more 
  •   * Mental Toughness sports coaching
  •   * Stress management
  •   * Personal resilience



World Class Training & Coaching

supported by the leading

National & International Standards







Do You Want...

Positively influence others?
Create meaningful relationships?
Understand what makes you tick?
Understand others?
Achieve peak performance in life?
Resolve conflict easily?
Become an NS-NLP Practitioner?

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